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Do you want to make a huge amount of money with a low amount of risk? It might not possible if you are in the 90s but now it is possible where you can increase your income just with minimum effort than your 9 to 5 job.

MLM Software company in chhattisgarh

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is a way to make it possible for you. MLM is basically a pyramid scheme of marketing and also known as Pyramid Selling, Network Marketing, or Referral Marketing.

Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh makes it easier for you to do MLM Business. Our main concept of MLM Business is to manage all your customers’ accounts and track the sales so that it will ultimately increase the profitability of the business.

To do your MLM Business correctly and smoothly, you must have MLM Software which gives benefits in so many ways and is very much necessary to manage your business and to schedule tasks which our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh provides an affordable price.

MLM Software company in chhattisgarh

Our MLM Software Development Team is very much professional and experienced in developing all kinds of Customized MLM Software and that is probably the best reason to say that we are the best MLM software Company in Chhattisgarh.

If I talk about our MLM software developer team in detail, I must say that we are having an experience of developing 100+ Software and always give priority to client’s satisfaction.

In MLM Business, you can earn either directly or through referral. First one is Direct Selling where you can earn by selling the products directly to customers. And in the second one, you can earn income as a commission from sales made by the members who join you like your down line.

The Strategy of MLM is really simple which we have mentioned below:-

MLM Software company in chhattisgarh

MLM Software company in chhattisgarh

The Best Part of MLM Business is that you can have distributors for your products in each state or we can say in a specific area. Like if you are from Chhattisgarh and join MLM Business from here and you refer your friend or colleagues of other state and he/she will be your downline and they will be able to sell the desired products in their areas. So, like that, you’ll expand your business in each state and make a bigger profit.

MLM Software company in chhattisgarh

As we have discussed much MLM Business, it’s time to tell about the benefits or we can say the advantage of MLM Software:-

  • Easy to Manage Accounting -

    Effective Accounting Management is very much necessary which is possible with the use of MLM Software which helps you to manage the bookkeeping of records.
  • Multiple Compensation Plan -

    Under MLM Business, you’ll see so many different kinds of plans which are Binary Plan, Matrix Plan, Unilevel Plan, Board Plan, and Gift Plan; moreover you can create your own plan within MLM Software and is fully customized and this is the expertise of MLM software Development Company in Chhattisgarh.
  • Helps in Tracking Record -

    It’s really difficult to track all the records and all about the details of your products and services of MLM Business in Chhattisgarh especially if you have your business in Global or Big Level. Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh helps you in tracking all the records with Customized MLM Software.
  • Highly Secured Data -

    When you start MLM Business, initially it might happen that you won’t have that much data but gradually you will be getting more data and you should keep it secure for yourself and the user who joins your MLM Business. This all things are possible by the MLM Software which gives the best security for your data.
  • Customized Inventory Management -

    MLM Software has the ability to deliver the smooth Inventory Management System for MLM Companies not only in Chhattisgarh but for other states too. Like accounting, proper stock management can be considered helpful for running a successful company.
  • Full information about the Catalogue -

    It’s a good sign for any MLM business to be the trusted company by showing the complete information about their products and services. Through MLM Software, it’s possible to show the complete information about the products and services of MLM Business. This is very much necessary to build trust in the online world, especially in the retail and wholesale industry.
  • Easy integration with Third Party

    Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh will help you to integrate any third party software in MLM Software as it’s really easy integration process.
MLM Software company in chhattisgarh

Those all are some of the advantages of having MLM Software which we have discussed above and it will definitely help you to grow your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Business. Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh provides an easy, fast and handy MLM Software which you can access from anywhere and monitor your MLM Business.

Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh Ayodhya Webosoft is known for its uniqueness which helps business to grow in the industry. Ayodhya Webosoft has now come out with some incredible features in MLM Software which we are going to discuss below.

MLM Software company in chhattisgarh

Features of MLM Software

Easy to Operate

Our MLM Software is really very easy to operate and will be usable for anyone with basic internet knowledge.

Fast, Secure & Reliable

Our MLM Software is really fast and secure. Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh provides reliable solutions for MLM Business.

Customizable Plan

Our MLM Software is fully customized and we make software as per the client’s requirements. A client can tell us to add or delete any kind of functions which he/she thinks is not much effective for their MLM Business.

Help and Support

Our Software Development Company in Chhattisgarh provides an online chat support system for our clients. So that, wherever our clients will get stuck, they will easily get in touch with our professionals.

Free Instant Demo for Binary plan

Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh gives out the Free Demo to the customers who show some interest in our MLM Software. You can Contact us now to take a free demo now.

Complete Online Solution

Our MLM Software is Complete Online Solution for any MLM Business which can be accessible from anywhere in the world.


In Our MLM Software, you can literally convert our software into any language which is convenient for you and this feature is really beneficial for you.


Our Multi Currency feature will give you access to sell your product globally. It will ultimately help you to get more response from customers.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The feature which we give in Backend will present a summary for you to see all the information and it’s easy to navigate all around in MLM Software.

Multi-User/Role Management for strong Admin Panel

With this feature, you can set different role for the users in MLM Software like Admin, Member, Operator, Franchise, Employee, Customers.

Track Activities

Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh will give our client’s a feature through which they can easily track the activities of themselves or other members in the backend

Member Management

The Backend System of MLM Software will give access to members to manage or update profile, password. Members can activate or deactivate their particular account from their Member’s area.

Sales and Income Report

In Backend system of “MLM Software”, members can easily get their sales and income report and that also of their individual plan.

Promotional Tools

MLM Software will give you the feature through which you can invite or refer your friends or other members in just one click via Social Media, Text or with just a picture.

Manage User Account

This feature allows you to manage and control accounts details, income, Commission, member’s profile, e-wallet and so on.

Authorized User

Our MLM Software gives a certain authority to a specific user type through which they can help other users in the registration, give permission and change the acceptance accordingly.

Strong Backup Option

Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh gives a strong backup option to the user and with that; they can easily restore data at any previous stage without any loss of data.

SMS Integration

Registered Member will get an instant notification about any changes or update, payment, new joining, income received, birthday reminder & more.


Whenever a user generates income, it’ll automatically transfer into e-wallet you can transfer wallet amount to another member or there’s an option to withdraw it manually into your Bank account.

Salary Plan

With the salary plan, you can easily customize the withdrawals of an amount and set out the automatic withdrawal daily, weekly and/or monthly.

Full Responsive

Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh comes out with the flexible MLM Software which you can easily use in any device. It will automatically optimize pages as per the resolution of the device.


With using an E-mail notification feature, you will easily be notified via e-mail when a new member joins, details about the payout, reward income, birthday reminder & more.

Franchise Management

With having a franchise in different areas, multiple franchises can easily order the request and process the order.

Infinite Report System

Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh gives out the facility to export the data & reports in various forms like Excel, PDF, CSV’s

Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh Ayodhya Webosoft always think to stand out from the crowd and it comes only with some unique ways. When you explain any member about your plan of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Business, sometimes it’s obvious that the person won’t understand your business plan properly. In some cases, the person or customer won’t remember your plan when he comes back home or after a few hours but he/she still have an interest in your MLM Business plan. So it’s your responsibility to give them out something through which they can easily go throughout your plan again.

MLM Software company in chhattisgarh

Our MLM Software Company provides the best solution by making Whiteboard animation Video which is probably the best method to explain someone about your MLM Business or MLM plan. With whiteboard animation, you can easily tell someone about what your business is and how you can join their business and become a member; you can easily describe your products through video.

Nowadays, all the business is accepting to be Digital and Video is the best method to do that. No one wants to read any text as in the digital world, people don’t have much time to read text and understand your product, business, plans etc. but if you provide them with the same thing in Video format, they will definitely love to watch that and surely understand your products, business, and plan etc. There are

many more benefits of having a video for your business but I would like to share one of the most important benefits with you; if you have talked with a client on a phone who is not in your nearby areas and it’s not possible to explain him everything about your business or plan over phone call but if you have professional video presentation of your business or plan, you can share with the client in just one click and as the video is really interactive thing, there’s high chance that the client will join your MLM business after watching video.

We have discussed a lot of things about MLM Software above and you have definitely get some idea now about how much beneficial MLM Software will be for your MLM Business. Our MLM Software Company in Chhattisgarh gives you out the best solution for your MLM Business and always provides innovative suggestion to implement on your MLM Business.

MLM Software Company in


MLM Software Company in


MLM Software Company in


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